Having Fun While Gaining Social Media Followers

Having Fun While Gaining Social Media Followers

July 25, 2018 Off By Larry D. Hall

The world of social media has been an intriguing one for me and, because of that, I’ve been really excited about how I’ve finally gotten a fairly good idea of how I want to deal with my own social media situation. One of the most important parts of this whole social media thing is having fun and, as I get better at it, I’m finding that it works really well.

In my definition of fun, I’ve found that putting together pictures that people enjoy is a surefire way to get people interested in your site. If you’re wondering how to gain followers on Instagram, that’s definitely one of the ways that you want to do it. You want pictures that look good, that people are going to engage with and that is going to help you to show a little bit of yourself to them. It really gets people excited and, if you’re artsy about it, you’ll find that you start to get followers left and right and that they’ll be sharing your content, too.

Having fun is going to look different for different people, so you are going to have to make your own fun as a part of this whole process. There are so many ways in which you can get everything done that you want to be sure that you get creative and have a good time with it. For some people, it’s taking pictures of hobbies (board games, cooking, etc). For others, it’s about connecting with people and showing off the beautiful area that you are living in. In any of these instances, you will notice that you feel a lot more connected with what you’re doing.

The problem is, none of us knows what’s going to go viral. One of my pictures related to a game I was playing regularly went viral, and I wasn’t even expecting that to happen in the first place. So, it’s about persistence and hoping that, eventually, something that you do will catch people’s eye and people are going to start sharing that with whoever they can find. There are reputable companies from which you can buy followers to get a bump, and it works. The fact of the matter is though, to make your followers happy and gain, even more, you’ll need to keep on top of things and engage and have fun with your fans.

I know that it sounds kind of cliché, but the fact is, if I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be doing this! Social media shouldn’t be some drab thing that I’m doing all of the time. Instead, I want it to be exciting, and engaging and be something that you love. I’ve taken quite a bit of time to find my niche in all of this, so it’s definitely been an adventure that I’ve been looking to engage with more often. There’s so much that I can do and, in the long run, it’s going to help me to maintain my followers.